On crafting our vision and mission . . . what an honor!

I am totally psyched to be given the responsibility of crafting the Amiga Enterprise vision and mission first draft! It won’t be revealed yet (not today anyway) as it takes significant soul searching and ego enhancement to hurl ourselves into the stratosphere occupied by visions and missions. Ego enhancement? What could I mean by this? Well, first, please remember that I am only an artist entrepreneur and although artists are not known for small egos, I have yet to aspire to the level of a Fortune 500 companies. After sampling a few vision statements from trusty web sources, I now realize that Amiga Enterprises must aspire to be ‘the number one advocate in the world for human worth,’ or ‘create a better everyday life for all people,’ and be ‘the global leader in all sectors.’ I am now working on broadening our vision to equal major corporations.

But perhaps what is most exciting for me, has been the opportunity for soul searching.  I have done a little research and, especially in the realm of mission statements, I feel incredibly re-assured by the number of companies out there who want to improve my life, support me as an individual and share my nurturing values.

A few inspiring examples:

“Talent has no limits. We optimize human potential, increase happiness, and maximize the engagement of people by providing superior solutions for understanding, acquiring, developing and retaining talent.”

“To improve and enhance the lives of those whom we touch, by leveraging professional competence and by being relevant to all who are impacted.”

“Set the standard, improve each day and have some fun!”

I look forward to contacting these companies whenever my happiness needs increasing.

One thing that I noted with interest is a slight shift in visions from the 1960s and 70s to today.  I have not done a thorough check but came across these two slogan changes:

From Nike:

1960s: Crush Adidas

Current: To be the number one athletic company in the world

From Honda:

1970: We will destroy Yamaha

Current: To Be a Company that Our Shareholders, Customers and Society Want

It was encouraging to see that these companies have learned to re-direct their sense of competition into a more holistic and positive vision. I think that as femalentrpreneurs, Amy and I have a distinct advantage over Nike and Yamaha in that we are already highly evolved without needing to go through an early brawling stage.

Well, back to conscious daydreaming about our mission and vision . . . more soon!





“We will destroy Yamaha”

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