Crucial meeting

Amiga, I’m glad that we can connect and start to address our agenda.

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  1. amy says:

    I’m so glad to be here. If we work hard enough on our fantasy interview and the dreams contained therein, I’m certain we will profit on many levels. What do you dream, amiga?

  2. amy says:

    I dream of
    conceptualising our work in a way which does not hinder its inevitable diversification and spread.
    I dream of
    recruiting others behind our vision.
    I dream of
    hard work which feels like play because of our commitment and quality of attention to WHAT MATTERS.
    I dream of
    merchandise-accessories which are stylish and functional.

  3. meghan says:

    So our task it to engage with an academic who can help draw out the theoretical implications of our choreographic practice. Correct? I would hope that this interviewer would be a tall, dark and handsome stranger with a very specialized vocabulary. Perhaps it would be best if this person were transgender? That way we can engage with the patriarchy of the academy and also with a feminist/ queer philosophy?

  4. amy says:

    Do you mind if we cross-post? Perhaps in this initial ‘creative fire-off’ chronology and sense are secondary inhibitors to the primary and primal flow of organisational development.

  5. meghan says:

    Those are excellent dreams. I like the inclusion of merchandise-accessories in an academic context. That way we can creatively incorporate the need for universities to become profitable in current neoliberal climate. As an extension, we could propose ‘scholar-artists teams’ that can compete at championship events. I feel sure that these would generate as much income as college football does in AMERICA.

  6. meghan says:

    Multi-tasking is our mantra, keep the ideas flowing, baby.

  7. amy says:

    Ah, I was hoping our academic interviewer would be half-man, half-animal (what are those horsey-men called?) with an agile grasp of the CLASSICS and ARCHERY.

  8. meghan says:

    I think we would need to establish our themes with our interviewer, in addition to carefully selecting the person.
    Person: obviously someone very esteemed, background in philosophy and dance, perhaps burnt out and with personal issues in academia, or perhaps unable to relate with outside world?
    themes: choreographic practice, planning and profitability, corporochoreostructures, performance evaluations.

  9. amy says:

    Some of the first things our interviewer might ask:
    ‘Who / what are your major influences?’
    ‘What keeps you going?’
    ‘How do you relax and maintain a work / life balance?’

  10. amy says:

    i like your list of themes. i imagine that the interview would interweave the personal, anecdotal with weighty intellectual probing.

    Perhaps the interviewer could actually be a dead, white male philosopher or greek god?

  11. meghan says:

    Centaurs – good idea. Perhaps there is an association or union of centaur academics that we can approach? I do feel it is important to bring in female perspective . . . perhaps cross-dressing male centaur?

  12. meghan says:

    Or a spiritist who channels dead male philosopher?

  13. meghan says:

    Hmm, we will have to see who is available . . . so many great choices, perhaps destiny will decide.

  14. meghan says:

    Where shall we meet up with the interviewer? American embassy? Fancy hotel? Fish and chip shop?

  15. amy says:

    A more weighty question:

    How does the capitalist agenda offer / nurture a new choreographic paradigm? choreographic profit margin. 5 year choreographic plan.

    maybe we make a 5 year choreography/business plan?

  16. amy says:

    oh yes a multi-gendered and omnisexual centaur, academic.

    the setting: embassy is good. perhaps the interview is also a cultural ambassador.

  17. meghan says:

    I like your questions. But perhaps the interviewer would actually ask incomprehensible academic questions and then we can answer in any way that we like? I imagine being presented with obscure references and then following up with a story about buying candy at the American Shop. Choreo-journey.

  18. amy says:

    perhaps we could use the template for the place prize application as another model to source interview. i suggest we start posting materials regarding our place prize application soon. (in anticipation for 2014). maybe even it should have its own menu item?

  19. meghan says:

    Your last questions are fabulous. It is important that the dialogic of academia inquire the strategic communication of multi-national corporations, especially since we keep a foot in both worlds. Another foot in the dance world too.

  20. amy says:

    yes, yes i think you are right about incomprehensibility of centaur questions.

    sometimes we might respond with pithy yet cryptic statements such as: ‘we’re giving it our all and you’ll be the first to know when we find out.’

  21. meghan says:

    Yes, I need to have a look at the place prize application. I can imagine. As for menu item, great idea! But maybe not for just place prize, we can have a menu for applications in general and include whatever comes along.

  22. meghan says:

    The private is not only political but public! Open-source applicationing.

  23. amy says:

    ‘Choreographically speaking, who is your audience and how does that relate to ludic-strategies of other-ing?’

  24. meghan says:

    Hmmm, I like our brainstorming. Can you handle it solo for just a minute while I take a bathroom break?

  25. amy says:

    ‘In a nutshell, could you extrapolate on the subject position of your latest marketing strategy – and how that may or may not mirror the kinaesthetic agenda?’

  26. meghan says:

    I can tell that in your other life you are a doctoral student. Can you tell that I am wearing fake boobs?

  27. amy says:

    By all means, yes. I’ll hold the fort.

    ‘As feminist(z), do you seek to ’embody’ or to ’embolden’ the choreo-bizness project?’

  28. meghan says:

    Woah, you are too good. I suggest that we soon create a word or google doc and begin to generate questions, interview profile and anecdotes, and of course responses. What is a subject position?

  29. amy says:

    ‘Would you characterise the boob-shell as prohibitive or enabling or containing or….of your research agenda? How do boob shells offer both a materialist and metaphorical container for BEING A LEAKY-LADY?’

  30. meghan says:

    Can’t we both embody and embolden? Image: Prairie dress wearing woman with lamb mask traces a physical memory of nation-hood. She is clearly embodying but isn’t she taking the sale of a somacozept to a new level?

  31. amy says:

    ‘In a recent interview in Art Review, you identified a forthcoming project which would involve trademarking the female imagination (FEMIGINIAtion). Have you found the necessary venture capital to support this project and are you aware of any competitors?’

  32. meghan says:

    It helps me literally extend my research agenda. I feel newly emboldened with plastic assets that I have never had before. They are not just a metaphor of feminist politics, but the literal embodiment of my feminine side. The leaky question is new territory for me . . . I am looking forward to extending my research into this area but I have to wait for the tide or hormones to rise. I’ll definitely keep you updated on the move from the nipple extraction to milk catching phase.

  33. amy says:

    yes yes, of course thats exactly what we do! embody and embolden! might even be a catch phrase…

    multi-siginifiation of costuming is key!

    We should reject all either / or questions point blank anyway. As all binaries and false dichotomies sit in the face of our ability to contain and DO IT ALL.

  34. amy says:

    Amiga – I have some other business to attend to.

    Can we possibly make another blog appointment for next week?

    I am looking forward to this new horizon of questioning visiting me during waking and sleeping hours and feel invigorated.

  35. meghan says:

    By definition we don’t have competitors . . . only collaborators who are currently in a competitive framework. We find venture capitalists in our audiences on a regular basis and receive proposals constantly. Some of the venture capitalists we work with have rejected the economy of standard currency and work with QuarmaDollarz. This helps facilitate our emergence as a major financial force in the art world. Producers and funders are really encouraged by our financial success.

  36. meghan says:

    Thanks for all of the great amiga brainstorming! Action point: I will gather our initial ideas into a document that can be shaped into our interview. Signing-off until next time!

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